Cnc Lathe Machine CK6150

High precision horizontal Cnc lathe Machine CK6150, High Speed turning Center. There are many models in the Chinese lathe market

For example SK40P, SK40S, SK50P, SK50S =CK6140 and CK6150 .ck6150 factory direct low price in China.CK Series lathe For heavy-duty cutting of large specifications and heavy-weight work. Shift gears, Infinite variable speed, Constant Linear speed cutting.

CK6150 Lathe Features Description

1. High Speed and high efficiency

2. Turning substitutes for grinding

3. All Servo system control.

4. Spindle Bore:82mm and 105mm

5. Different length of the machine is available:750mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm/3000mm

6. Optional control systems: FANUC, GSK, KND, HNC, Siemens.

ck6150 cnc latheck6150 cnc lathe

CK6150 Latheck6150 siemens controller

CK6150 Lathe Specification

Machining RangeMax. Swing over bedMM500
 Max. Swing over cross slideMM300
 Max. Z axis TravelMM750/1000/1500/2000
 Max. X axis TravelMM3000
SpindleSpindle boreMM82
 Spindle nose A2-8
 Spindle speed rangeRPM45-260/140-800/550-1600 or 60-1600
 Spindle speed steps independent spindle or 3 steps
 ChuckMMManual 3 jaw 250
Lathe bedBed widthMM400
Feedx/z fast feedMm/


 x/z cutting travel speedMm/


Tool TurretNumber of tool turret 4/6/8
 Tool shank typeMM25*25
Working accuracyPositioning accuracyMMX≤0.010

Z ≤0.015

 Repeatability Positioning accuracyMMX≤0.0075

Z ≤0.010

 Min. unit setMM0.001
 Diameter uniformityMM≤0.03 L:300
 roughness Ra1.6um
TailstockDia. of tailstock sleeveMM85
 Tailstock sleeve taper MT5
 Max. Tailstock sleeve travelMM130
MotorSpindle drive motor powerKW7.5
 Coolant pump powerW120
weight KGS2300/2500/2900/3500





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CK6150 Cnc lathe machine
CK6150 Cnc lathe Machine

Ck6150 cnc lathe Machine dia. 500mm Max.length 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm Max.spindle bore:82mm 105mm 130mm Chuck:3-jaws 250mm Four

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