CK0640 Flat bed small cnc lathe machine

CK0640 Flat bed cnc lathe

Fully enclosed protection design, good waterproof. Compact layout, saving space

Spindle Bore  48/60/80/90mm

ck0640 metal cnc lathe


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CK0640 Flat bed small cnc lathe machine All structures are designed, developed and manufactured by the requirements of international standards. The whole machine has good precision and stability, strong rigidity, small thermal deformation of the independent spindle, good precision retention, and excellent maintenance-free characteristics, suitable for heavy cutting. The machine concept has reached the international advanced level. Advanced structural design and perfect supply measures make the machine tool have high reliability and long-term high precision retention. CK0640 is an Economical CNC lathe, Low price, and high processing efficiency.

CK0640 Mini cnc lathe machine standard configuration

1.Cnc System GSK /Siemens cnc controller

2. Pneumatic collet

3. Gang type tool post

4. Automatic lubrication system

5. Cooling system

CK0640 Mini Cnc lathe machine Optional Configure

1. Manual Chuck, pneumatic chuck/Hydraulic chuck

2.Manual tailstock,pneumatic tailstock,hydraulic tailstock

3. Automatic Bar Feeder

4. Vertical Four-station turret /Horizontal six station turret

5. Puller’s


mini metal lathe machine with bar feeder cnc lathe cnc turning machine ck0640


ck0640 mini cnc lathe 4 turret Pneumatic collet ck0640

CK0640 Lathe  Main Specification

Machining  RangeMax. Swing over bedMM260
Max. Swing over cross slideMM100
Max. work lengthMm200
Max. Z axis TravelMM280
Max. X-axis TravelMM280 gang Gang tool
SpindleSpindle boreMM48/60/80
Spindle noseA2-5
Spindle speed rangeRPM50-2500
Spindle typeIndependent spindle
 ChuckMMPneumatic chuck/manual 3 jaws 160mm
Lathe bedBed widthMM260
Feedx/z fast feedMm/min6000/8000
x/z cutting travel speedMm/min1-6000
Tool TurretNumber of tool turretgang type  tool post/4/6 turre
Tool shank typeMM16*16/20*20
Working accuracyPositioning accuracyMMX≤0.010        Z ≤0.015
Repeatability Positioning accuracyMMX≤0.0075        Z ≤0.010
Min. unit setMM0.001
Diameter uniformityMM≤0.03 (length 300)
FlatnessMM≤0.02 (Diameter 300)
Surface Roughness (Steel)Ra1.6um
TailstockDia. of tailstock sleeveMM55
Tailstock sleeve taperMT4
Max. Tailstock sleeve travelMM150
MotorSpindle drive motor powerKW4
Coolant pump powerW90
sizeL W HMM1600X1200X1550


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