CK6132A Mini cnc lathe machine

CK6132 mini cnc lathe machine have more than 25 years of production experience,quality is stable and the precision is high.

High cost performance, suitable for precision parts processing

CNC Metal Cutting Turning Tool Lathe Machine CK6132 CNC Metal Cutting Turning Tool Lathe Machine CK6132


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CK6132 series CNC horizontal Mini cnc  lathe Machine has the characteristics of high precision, high power, high rigidity, etc., and its main components and structures have been optimized.
GSK CNC system and full-digital AC servo system, X and Z axes adopt semi-closed-loop control, ball screw pair adopts C3 precision ball screw, electrical components are imported or domestic well-known brands, in line with CE or domestic 3C certification.
Before leaving the factory, the machine tool is inspected in strict accordance with the inspection procedures. Each machine tool uses a laser interferometer to detect the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the X and Z axes to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine tool.

CK6132 Standard configuration

1.cnc controller :GSK928

2.Manual Chuck 3-jaw 200mm

3.Manual Chuck tailstock

4.Vertical Four-station electrical turret

5.Automatic Lubrication system

6.Cooling system

CK6132 Optional Configure

1.KND /Fanuc/Siemens…..etc

2.Hydrualic chuck,pneumatic chuck ,pneumatic collet.

3.Hydraulic tailstock,pneumatic tailstock

4.Automatic bar feeder

5.Horizontal six-station turret, Gang type tool post

CK6132 mini cnc lathe Specification

Machining RangeMax. Swing over bedMM350
Max. Swing over cross slideMM180
Max. work lengthMm400
Max. Z axis TravelMM450
Max. X axis TravelMM280 Gang tool
SpindleSpindle boreMM48
Spindle noseA2-5
Spindle speed rangeRPM100-2500
Spindle typeIndependent spindle
Feedx/z fast feedMm/


x/z cutting travel speedMm/


Tool TurretNumber of tool turretgang type  tool post


Tool shank typeMM16*16/20*20
Working accuracyPositioning accuracyMMX≤0.010        Z ≤0.015
Repeatability Positioning accuracyMMX≤0.0075        Z ≤0.010
Min. unit setMM0.001
Diameter uniformityMM≤0.03 (length 300)
FlatnessMM≤0.02 (Diameter 300)
Surface Roughness (Steel)Ra1.6um
TailstockDia. of tailstock sleeveMM60
Tailstock sleeve taperMT4
Max. Tailstock sleeve travelMM100
MotorSpindle drive motor powerKW4
Coolant pump powerW90
sizeL W HMM2050X1500X1650


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