CNC Vertical Lathe

VCK600 VCK650 VCK850 VCK1000 VCK1250 VCK1400 VCK1600 –vertical lathe

Spindle is A2-11 Can guarantee heavy cutting,Spindle accuracy is stable

Spindle maximum load 2000KGS 

Spindle motor 55kW (rated speed 700, rated torque 700NM)

Feed motor 3.5KW/22NM 3.5KW/22NM (brake)


VCK1250 Lathe machine


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VTK1270 CNC Vertical Lathe single-column type is an automatic CNC machining machine tool for machining inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, CK1250 Vertical cnc lathe drawingconical surfaces, end faces, grooving and chamfering of parts. It is especially suitable for vehicle brake hubs, wheel drums, clutch pressure plates, flywheel housings, etc. Processing of parts.VCK1270 Vertical lathe Single-column vertical guide rail structure, the column, base and sliding seat are all made of high-grade gray cast iron resin sand casting process, and have been subjected to aging treatment; the guide rail adopts roller-type heavy-duty linear guide rail, which has large load capacity and high precision; reasonable structural design , perfect processing and assembly technology to ensure the long-term stability and accuracy of the machine tool.



VTK1270 Vertical Lathes of configurationvertical lathe machine

1. CNC system: GSK980Tdi
Feed motor 3.5KW/22NM 3.5KW/22NM (brake)
Spindle motor 55kW (rated speed 700, rated torque 700NM)
2. A2-11 spindle unit;
3. Taiwan Shangyin precision lead screw; Taiwan Shangyin roller linear guide.
4. Automatic centralized forced oil lubrication for screw and guide rail
5. Nitrogen balance system.
6. Mobile hand pulse generator, alarm light.
7. Cooling part.
8. Full protective sheet metal shield; pneumatic sliding door.
9. 8-station hydraulic turret; matching hydraulic station.
10. 1000mm  three-jaw chuck
11. Chain chip conveyor and chip flushing device.

VTK1270 Vertical Lathes Numerical control system has a variety of options


Vertical lathe Chuck Have Manual Chuck or hydrualic

Turret Can option  Driven Turret Tool

Cnc vertical lathevertical lathe cncFANUC CNC

CNC Vertical Lathe of Specification

Workpiece Maximum turning diameter1250MM
Workpiece Maximum machining diameter1000MM
Vertical travel distance of turret tool(Z AXIS)800MM
Horizontal travel distance of Turret tool( X-axis)-50-650mm radius distance
Distance from a lower plane of tool rest to upper plane of chuck0-800mm
Spindle ModelA2-11
Spindle Load-bearing2000kgs
Spindle speed50-500rpm
Spindle output torque1960NM
Spindle motor power55kW 750RPM  700NM
X-axis rapid feed speed15m/min
Z-axis rapid feed speed15m/min cutting cutting
Cutting feed rate0.1-5000mm/min
X-axis motor power, torque3.5 kW /22NM
Z-axis motor power, torque3.5 kW /22NM Brake
Turret tool4/8
Cutter bar section32×32mm boring bar 50/60mm
Chuck1000mm Manual chuck
Positioning accuracy±0.0075mm
Repetitive positioning accuracy±0.004mm
Machine weight12500kg
Machine size2600×3050×3200mm

CNC Vertical Lathe of  Advantage

The main shaft of the machine tool is driven by a wide-area high-torque servo motor, which can be used for low-speed high-torque, powerful heavy cutting, or high-speed cutting. Meet both roughing and finishing needs

The main shaft of cnc vertical lathe adopts high-precision double-row cylindrical roller bearings, double-row thrust angular contact ball bearings, and double-row cylindrical roller bearings; auxiliary cylindrical roller thrust bearings. This configuration structure has the largest bearing capacity, can withstand larger cutting force and feed force, has higher radial stiffness and axial stiffness, and has higher rotation accuracy.

VCK850 vertical latheThe X and Z-axis servo motors directly drive the precision ball screw pair through the flexible coupling, which can minimize the backlash and have high positioning accuracy. The Z-axis lift is equipped with a nitrogen balance system to improve the quality of the machine tool to achieve high-speed, high-precision machining and reduce the load of the servo motor to increase the life of the machine tool.
The X and Z axes adopt precision ball screw pairs and special bearings for ball screws to meet the requirements of high rigidity and high precision cutting. The screw support adopts a pre-stretched structure, which greatly reduces the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy of the machine tool during long-term operation.

The X and Z axes adopt an advanced centralized automatic lubricating device, which is automatically and intermittently lubricated at regular intervals, and the work is stable and reliable.

The tool holder of the cnc vertical lathe can choose to adopt various forms such as a multi-station turret or row tool, with accurate precision and high efficiency.

This machine tool can be equipped with CNC systems of well-known brands at home and abroad such as Guangzhou CNC, Beijing Kaiendi, FANUC, etc. according to user needs.

How to choose a CNC vertical lathe?

Choose the right size vertical lathe according to the diameter and weight of the workpiece

The processing depth of the inner hole is also a very important reference standard It is best to provide drawings and let the vertical lathe manufacturer help you choose.

YZCNC Vertical lathe manufacturer Can provide you with professional solutions.


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