TCK40 Y axis turning and milling compound Cnc Lathe

1.Cnc controller GSK980TDi/GSK988TA/Siemens828/Fanuc oi -TF

2.Turret 4/6/8


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1. X-axis to 800m

2. Compound cnc lathe bed is cast with resin sand, it features strong vibration resistance and difficult deformation. lathe bed titts 45, makes machine tool

operation and chip removal more convenient.

3. Accessories imported from Japan and Taiwan

4. Can be equipped with 4 ✖4 integrated  unit power head, Y and C Axis functions, realizing the turn-milling combined-type processing, simplifying the processing of complicated products, and reducing the trouble caused by secondary processing, and improving product precision

TCK40 Y-axis turning and milling compound Cnc Lathe

Item TCK40L/4+4/3+3/2+2
Max. swing diameter over bedmm400
Max. swing diameter over slidemm120
X/Z maximum strokemm800/530
X/Z fast-moving feedm/minX20/Z20
Max. workpiece lengthmm300
end face power tool to spindlemm130
Spindle boremm56
Drawn pipe diametermm42
Spindle speed rangermp100-3500
X/Z repeat positioning accuracymm0.01
Tool post 4/6/8
Main motor powerkw5.5KW
Power tool model TJ-ER254(4+4)
Y Axis travelmm200
power tool spacing 60mm
Power tool motor 15N
Maximum speedrpm2800
Collet model ER25
Clamping rangemm2-16mm
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