TCK46P Slant bed cnc lathe machine

TCK46H Slant bed cnc lathe machine Using timing and quantitative centralized oil supply lubrication points can be fully lubricated Using precision class heavy duty ball screw with compact structure and high precision can effectively remove creeping phenomenon and ensure good dynamic, character, stability,accuracy maintenance and reliability.

lathe machine Turret 8 slant bed chuck


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Slant bed cnc lathe machine Multi-station turrets can be installed on inclined-bed lathes. Under the same guideway width layout, the X-direction pallets of inclined-bed CNC lathes are larger, and more tool positions can be arranged for multi-sequence processing.The inclined bed lathe has inherent higher precision and stronger cutting rigidity. The cross-sectional area of ​​the inclined bed is larger than that of the flat bed CNC lathe of the same specification, and the bending resistance and torque resistance are stronger, and the cutting force and the direction of gravity are basically the same. Therefore, the spindle runs relatively smoothly, and the layout of the CNC lathe with inclined bed allows gravity to directly act on the axial direction of the lead screw, so that the backlash during transmission is almost zero, and it is not easy to cause cutting vibration. The x-direction lead screw of the flat bed CNC lathe is not affected by gravity, and its cutting force is 90 degrees from the direction of the workpiece gravity, and the gap cannot be directly eliminated, which is easy to cause vibration.The inclined bed CNC lathe is more convenient to discharge iron chips. Under the action of gravity, the inclined bed lathe is not prone to tool winding. At the same time, with the central screw and guide rail protection sheet metal, it can effectively avoid the accumulation of iron filings on the machine tool.The inclined bed lathe is easier to add to the automated production line.The servo-independent spindle of the CNC lathe with inclined bed can be positioned and locked. Higher revs.

How to choose the right TCK series Slant bed cnc lathe machine  CNC inclined bed lathe for you

TCK40M/40P/40H bed inclination 45 degrees
1. CNC system: GSK928TD-L/GSK980TDI Siemens SIEMENS808 Fanuc
2. Hydraulic collet, hydraulic chuck
3. gang type tool post, 6 8-station electric tool post, 6, 8 hydraulic servo turrets
4. Automatic feeder
5. Optional power milling head


cnc turning cnc lathe slant bed machine tool



Max. swing dia. over bedmm400400480560
Max. swing dia. over slidemm150150200360
Max. cutting dia. Of disc type partsmm300300450550
Max. cutting dia. Of axle type partsmm130130190360
X/Z AxisX axis travelmm620720450320
Z axis travelmm360400400550/1050/1550
Max. process lengthMm200320380500/1000/1500
X Z Fast feedmm/min12000120001200012000
Spindlespindle boremm4848/6048/6066/86
through hole bar diameterMm4242/5042/5050/75
spindle nose type A2-5A2-5/A2-6A2-5/A2-6A2-6/A2-8
spindle speedrpm300040004000/30003000
main motor powerkw445.57.5
accuracypositioning accuracymm0.0120.0120.0120.012
XZ repeatabilitymm0.0030.0030.0030.003
Diameter uniformitymm0.03/3000.03/3000.03/3000.03/300
tool post type Gang tool/8 hydraulic turretGang tool/8 hydraulic turretGang tool/8 hydraulic turret8/12 hydraulic turret

12 servo power turret

BT45/BT55 ER25 3000RPM

tailstock WithoutWithoutHydraulicHydraulic
Dia. of tailstock sleeveMmWithoutWithout7575
Tailstock sleeve taper MT5MT5
Chuck Hydraulic  collet/6inch hydraulic chuckHydraulic  collet/6inch hydraulic chuckHydraulic  collet/6inch hydraulic chuck8/10inch hydraulic chuck
bed inclination 45 degree45 degree45 degree45 degree
size   2150X1600X17502700/3200/3700x1900x1900
weight   1.9T3.6t/4.0t/4.4t
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