CA6250 Universal Lathe

Three-jaw Chuck or four-jaw chuck

Spindle Bore:52/80/105

Certification:  CE/SGS

Type: Horizontal Lathe or Vertical Lathe

Warranty:  18 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement (380V/400V/220V)

Color: As customers’ requirement

Brand Name:YZCNC


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Universal Lathe is a type of lathe machine that is designed to handle a wide range of machining operations. It is a versatile machine that can perform various functions such as turning, drilling, boring, threading, and facing, among others. The machine is typically used in metalworking and is capable of producing precision parts with high accuracy.

Horizontal lathe

CA6250 Universal Lathe

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Max.swing over bedmm400500610660800
Max.swing over carriagemm210300370400540
Max.swing in gapmm6307208308801020
Max.swing lengthmm210210210210210
Effective gap lengthmm750/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000
Width of lathe bedmm400
Section of turning toolmm25*25
Spindle speedrpm16-1400 (24steps)
Spindle boremm52/80/105
Spindle nose52bore: ISO(GB)C6    (80/105 bore:D8)
Spindle taper52Bore:No.6 MT6  ,80Bore: 1:20  105Bore: 1:20
No.of feed64kinds
Range of metric threadsmm1-192mm 44 kinds
Range of inch threadstpi1-24tpi 21kinds
Range of module threads0.25-48module 39kinds
Range of diametral threadsDP1-96DP 37kinds
Max.tailstock travelmm150mm
Tailstock Diametermm75mm
Taper of tailstock holeMT5
Main motorkw7.5 10HP

The Universal Lathe has a bed that supports the workpiece and allows it to rotate while being machined by the cutting tool. The cutting tool is mounted on a tool post that can be moved along the length of the bed to adjust the depth of cut. The machine also has a tailstock that provides support for the other end of the workpiece and can be used to hold tools for drilling or tapping operations.

One of the key features of the Universal Lathe is its ability to change the speed of the spindle, which is the rotating component that holds the workpiece. This allows the machine to work with a wide range of materials, from soft metals like aluminum to harder materials like steel. The machine may also have additional attachments, such as a milling attachment, that can further expand its capabilities.

Overall, the Universal Lathe is a highly versatile machine that is capable of performing a wide range of machining operations, making it a valuable tool for metalworking shops and manufacturing facilities.

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