CK6432 Cnc Lathe

CK6432/CK6132 configuration of CNC lathe

CNC systems: GSK, KND, Siemens, etc.
Subdivy motor: 4KW, 5.5KW
Chuck :Manual Chuck or Hydraulic Chuck
Turret: 4/6/8
Auto bar feeder
Tailstock: Manual/hydraulic




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CK6432 LatheThe main workpieces processed by CNC lathe include shafts, disks, sleeves, gears, threads, splines, and other parts made of various metal and non-metal materials. CNC lathes are widely used in industries such as mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, instrumentation, medical equipment, etc.

CK6432 Cnc Lathe Specification

Max. swing dia. over bedΦ320mmΦ360mmΦ360mm
Max. swing dia. over cross slideΦ145mmΦ200mmΦ150mm
Max. workpiece length450mm750mm/1000mm450mm/700mm
Diameter of spindle bore52mmΦ60mmΦ60mm
Spindle taperA2-4MT6MT6
Spindle speed150~2500rpm150-2500rpm150-2500rpm
Chuck size160mm200mm200mm
Tool holder4 station4 station4 station
Tool bar section20x20mm20x20mm20x20mm
Main motor power4kw5.5KW4kw
X/Z axis position accuracy0.02/0.025mm0.02/0.025mm0.02/0.025mm
X/Z axis repeatability0.01/0.012mm0.01/0.012mm0.01/0.012mm
X/Z axis torque4/4N.m4/6N.M4/4N.M
X/Z axis fast feeding speed4/6M/MIN6/8 M/MIN8/10 M/MIN
Tailstock sleeve travel75mm120mm100mm
Tailstock taperMT4MT4MT4

CK6432 CNC lathe is a medium -size CNC lathe, which has the following characteristics and advantages:

1.The structure is compact and easy to operate. CK6432/CK6132/CK6136 CNC lathe machine  use fully enclosed protection to ensure the safety of operators, the operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and it is suitable for operators at different levels.

2.Powerful function and high processing accuracy. The CK6432 CNC lathe is equipped with a high -performance CNC system, which can achieve high -precision and high efficiency processing. It is suitable for processing of various shafts, discs, suits, gears, threads, flowers and other parts.

3.High work and high reliability. CK6432 CNC lathes use high -quality cast iron materials and high -precision bearings, screws and other core components to ensure that the machine tool is stable, the processing accuracy is stable, and it has high reliability and service life.

4.Strong programmability and high degree of automation. The CK6132 CNC lathe has the functions of automatic knives and automatic feeding. It can achieve automated production by programming, which greatly improves production efficiency and production quality.

6.Extremely applicable and wide application fields. CK6132 CNC cars are suitable for component processing in the fields of mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, instrumentation, and medical equipment, and are widely used in various industrial fields.

In short, CK6132 /CK6432/CK6136 CNC lathe has the advantages of compact structure, powerful function, stable work, strong programming, extensive applicability, etc. It is an efficient, high -precision, high reliability machine tool.

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