Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center

Why choose our Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center -TCK50S

Heavy-duty casting So as to ensure the accuracy and stability of the machine tool

12-Station BMT45 driven tool turret

Y axis structure Realize precision machining of complex parts

Factory Direct Lathe Price & CE And SGS Quality Assurance

25+ Years in Lathes Manufacturing Online

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TCK50S Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center Driven Tool Turret ,Yuzhuo machinery co,.lt a new cost-effective turning centerDriven Tool Turret type BMT45 or BMT55 No. of Driven Tool Turret stations 12nos. This machine can realize turn-milling function and carry out two-way butt joint processing for workpiece.With the development of science and technology, there is more and more demand for precision parts, so the requirements for lathes are getting higher and higher. Turning centers are the development trend, which can realize one-time processing and one-time molding of workpieces. Turn-milling compound processing, so as to improve the precision of the workpiece, save processing time, and reduce the user’s investment cost

TCK50S Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center

TCK50s Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center Main configuration

1.GSK988TA/Siemens/Fanuc  2 .Colling system  3.Air conditioning 4.Automatic lubrication system

5.Lighting system  6.hydraulic system 8.Driven Turret Tool 12nos 9. chip coveyor and buket.

2 Driven tools (End face and Side face) 11.Cutting Cooling Unit

12.Leveling Screw and footings 13.Operating instruction  14.Basic Toolbox

TCK50 Cnc center TCK50S Slant bed cnc lathe metal Slant bed lathe


Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center Options

Wireless Probing – Lathe Machine  And Automatic Tool Presetter Main brand Renishaw ,Haas….No Cnc lathe  Should Be Without Probing ,Reduce setup times without having to know G-code or macro programming. Monitor tool wear and tool breakage, and reduce scrap creation

Hass probingAutomatic Tool Presetter

Lathe Machine – Wireless Probing
AAS WIPS FOR LATHES Wireless Probing Intuitive Probing System for cnc lathes (WIPS-L) is a complete probing package that includes a turret-mounted probe and optical machine interface, along with powerful software that guides the operator through the probing process with intuitive, easy-to-use templates WIPS can be used for rapid first-off part inspection, in-process reporting, and monitoring unattended machining operations. It can also be used to update work offsets to account for tool wear for ultimate part accuracy. The system includes the Haas Visual Programming System, macros, and spindle orientation. NOTE: Requires the purchase of a 25 mm ID toolholder.

Lathe Machine – Automatic Tool Presetter

Lathe machine Automatic Tool Presetter increases part accuracy and setup consistency, while reducing setup times by up to 50%. The system features easy-to-use automatic and manual modes of operation, with a user-friendly interface for quick, conversational-style programming.
Includes User-Definable Macros option
Automatic, manual, and tool-breakage-detection operations
Increases tool setting accuracy and consistency
No macro programming required for operation
Outputs G-code to MDI, where it may be edited, or transferred into a program
Conversational-style templates for easy tool-setting operations

TCK50s Dual Spindle Cnc Turning Center Technical Parameter

Bed inclination45 degree
Max.swing over bedSpindle500mm
Max. Max. turning diameter360mm
Max. length of workpiece450mm
X  AXIS350mm
Y  AXIS±45mm
Z AXISSpindle Z1500mm
Sub-spindle Z2500mm
X-axis rapid movement24mm/min
Y-axis rapid movement10mm/min
Z-axis rapid movement30mm/min
Spindle noseSpindle Z1A2-6
Sub-spindle Z2A2-5
Spindle boreSpindle Z166mm
Sub-spindle Z256mm
Max. bar capacitySpindle Z152mm
Sub-spindle Z242mm
Spindle speedSpindle Z150-4500rpm
Sub-spindle Z250-4500rpm
Motor powerSpindle Z111KW
Sub-spindle Z25.5KW
Chuck sizeSpindle Z18寸 8 inches
Sub-spindle Z26寸6inches
Driven Tool Turret typeBMT45
No. of Driven Tool Turret stations12nos
Max. speed of driven tool500rpm
Driven toolEnd face driven toolER25/3000RPM
Side face driven toolER25/3000RPM
Inner shank diameter25/ 32mm
Outer diameter Shank diameter20X20mm    25X25mm
Machine tool accuracyX Z axis positioning accuracy0.012mm
X Z repeatability0.003mm
Machine Size2900X1900X2200mm
Machine weigth4.2T

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How to ensure the quality of CNC machine tools?
Quality Assurance: Cnc Turning Center  strictly implement CE /SGS quality standards and have received CE certification. This means our production lines feature advanced technologies that give manufacturing precision and accuracy. With sophisticated measuring and testing equipment in house, we check all incoming material and parts to meet your specifications. That’s why we are outstanding among the rapid prototyping companies in China. Learn more about our quality control system.

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Lathe Machine Casting natural aging

All CNC lathes and castings of vertical machining centers in our company have undergone natural aging treatment, and the precision of the machine tools is stable and good



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