Pipe Thread Machine

Spindle Bore:110/140/160/170/200/225/250/350 mm





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CK6150DK-110 Pipe Thread Machine two types cnc or no cnc. The large-hole CNC lathe is a large-spindle-hole CNC lathe specially developed by YZCNC pipe thread lathecompany for the market. It has a large spindle hole, a low price, and strong rigidity. It is mainly used in the processing of long and short pipes, oil pipes, casings, etc., which require the workpiece to pass through the spindle hole.

Pipe Thread Machine’s main feature

Large spindle hole 110mm/ 14omm/ 160mm/ 170mm/ 200mm

Double chuck

Cnc controller GSK/SIEMENS/FANUC

Metal heavy Machining

Pipe Thread Machine Specification

Max dia. swing over bedMM5001640
Max swing over cross slideMM270370
Max. length of work-pieceMM1000/15001000/1500
Spindle boreMM110140160170200
Range of spindle speedRPM150-100070-80070-70070-70070-600
ChuckMM320 three jaw chuck380 three jaw chuck400three jaw chuck400three jaw chuck500three jaw chuck
Machine weightKGS2.
Power of spindle motorKW7.5
Positioning accuracyMM0.020
Repositioning accuracyMM0.010
Max. traverse of X/ZMMX:310                                                                                                                                                                     Z:800
X/Z rapid traversemm/min4000
X-axis motorSpeedRPM2500
Z-axis motorSpeedRPM1500
Tailstock quillDiameterMM75
TaperMorse NO.5
Electric tool-postModelHAK21192

No. of tool stations

Vertical four-station
Turret indexing timeS2.6
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)Mm2700×1450×1730

What industry is the main application of pipe thread lathe

YZCNC Company is The world’s largest pipe thread lathe production base, Pipe thread lathe, also known as pipe thread lathe, is a horizontal lathe threading machinespecially designed for turning large-diameter pipe fittings. It is characterized by a relatively large diameter of the through hole of the main shaft (generally above 135mm), and there are chucks at the front and back of the headstock. , to facilitate the clamping and processing of large-diameter pipe fittings or rods, this product is widely used in mechanical processing operations in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, coal, geological exploration, urban water supply and drainage,e, and other industries.

Pipe thread lathes generally have a large hole in the spindle box, and the workpiece passes the through the hole and is clamped by two chucks located at both ends of the spindle for rotary motion. There are generally two ways to feed the tool: one is the same as the ordinary lathe, which is realized by the screw driving the slide plate and the tool holder located in front of the bed; the other is realized by the flat comb on the slide plate located in the center of the bed The external thread cutting head of the knife (seen automatic opening and closing thread cutting head) cuts into the workpiece and moves forward with it.  Some machine tools for processing long pipes also have workpiece support devices, such as steady rests, tool rests, and rear supports.

what’s  a pipe thread lathe machine

The CNC pipe thread lathe is specially designed to adapt to the use of my country’s oil fields, geology, mining, chemical industry, agricultural drainage and irrigation,n, and other departments. The use of a  CNC pipe thread lathe is more economical and convenient than ordinary lathes, and can efficiently complete the cutting of various straight pipe threads and tapered pipe threads, such as pipe joints, knotted rods, casings, pipeline pipes, mine pipes, water pump pipes, etc. Considering Due to the characteristics of petroleum geology, mining, chemical industries,y and agricultural drainage and irrigation departments, this machine tool can also process various inch, metric, and modulus threads, and turn various shaft and disk parts, which can play the role of ordinary lathes. CNC pipe thread lathes are indeed It is an ideal machine tool for petroleum, geological, chemical,l, and agricultural departments.

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