VMC855 Vertical Machining Center

VMC855 Various options for product configuration

  1. CNC system: optional GSK218M / Siemens 808 / Fanuc / Mitsubishi M80 /Syntec22MA
  2. Tool magazine: optional funnel type tool magazine with 12/16/20 tool positions, Arm type tool magazine with 16/24
  3. Spindle speed: 8000/10000/15000rpm
  4. Turntable: four-axis five-axis
  5. Coolant through spindle
  6. Spindle oil cooling
  7. Chip conveyor


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VMC855 Vertical Machining Center

1. The overall framework is made of high-grade casting iron with twice heat treatments and magnetic resonance. Natural aging relieves internal stress to ensure the lasting best rigidity and high precision.

2. The bed base assembling with the long-span column design increases the contact area between the column and the base.

3 axis assembled with square guide rails, increase the processing strength and stock resistance significantly. The epoxy resin stick processing and artificial scraping grinding ensure the precision and stability

4. The spindle is assembled with high-power servo motor driving, high torque, and wide-range output.

5. The major outsourced components are all provided by foreign


7. Using ATC24 manipulator automatic tool change magazine, quick changing tools time reaches 1.3seconds

8. Using the original servo motor on 3 axes. Rapid feed speed can reach 48m/min. The motor base contact surface under artificial scraping grinding increases the contact area and the lasting stability of the machine.

9. Using original Taiwan HIWIN OR PMI c3 class precision ball screw. Specialized Japanese Nsk bearing with DB fitting method provides strong torque on machine processing. The ball screw proper pre-stretching treatment after installation effectively decreases thermal stretch to guarantee feed position accuracy and machining stability

10.Spindle head designed with double enclosed structure and increasing slider assembling base distance, effectively guaranteeing the machine processing strength.

VMC855 Vertical Machining Center

TableSizeMM1000 X5001000 X550
 Max loadKGS600700
 T-Slot sizeMM18 X 518 X 5
Working areaX-axisMM800800
 Spindle nose to tableMM100-600120-620
 Spindle center to z axis guide surfaceMM580620
spindleSpindle taper BT40-150BT40-150
 Spindle speedRPM80008000
 spindle motor powerKW7.57.5
FeedFast feedXM/MIN2424
 cutting speedMM/MIN1-100001-10000
 feed motor powerXN1515
CapacityTypes tool changers Funnel type tool changer/Arm type tool changer ATC
 Capacity of tools 20/2420/24
 Tool change timeS8/2.58/2.5
AccuracyPosition AccuracyMM±0.006±0.006
Sizemachine sizeMM2400 X 2100 X 26002400 X 2100 X 2600
 Packing dimensionMM2500X2200X




weight Kgs42005000
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