WRC32H Alloy Wheel Repair Cnc Lathe

WRC32H is a Horizontal alloy wheel repair cnc lathe machine

Controller :Syntec 6TA or YZCNC(Automatic programming,touch screen operation 17inch screen LCD display)

Chuck:320mm 3-jaw chuck Or 4 jaw  6 jaws

Probe: TP300 System

Lathe Bed: Horizontal or Vertical

rim lathe



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Alloy Wheel Repair Cnc Lathe machine is a professional equipment developed by our company according to market development, user needs, and feedback, which is specially designed for wheel refurbishment, modification, and color change. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the production of CNC machine tools. Product quality is trustworthy. At present, there are two main types of machine equipment: vertical and horizontal. The model can be selected according to the size of the processing wheel. The largest wheel can reach 32 inches.


WRC32H Alloy Wheel Repair Cnc Lathe Main feature

1. The operation of the machine is simple and convenient, there is no professional requirement for the operator, and the zero-based can also be quickly mastered.
2. The system is free of programming and has fast work efficiency. It can automatically detect the shape of the hub, collect data, generate processing programs, and automatically cycle cutting.
3. Advanced intelligence can meet the diverse shapes of hubs on the market, the system is continuously upgraded, and there is no dead angle for detection and processing, such as high edge steps, double steps, and special-shaped hubs can be processed.
4. The detailed processing is perfect, the texture is uniform and clear, and the finish is high.
5. The system can be customized, such as adding the user’s boot logo, the button can change the language the user is accustomed to, etc.
6. The system has a remote service function, which can upgrade and update the user’s machine, teaching and training, after-sales service, and other functions
7. High-cost performance, less tool wear, and low material cost.
8. We are a real manufacturer. We pay more attention to product quality, details and services, and the user’s senscnc wheel lathe machinese of applicable experience, and develop more user-friendly and high-quality products according to market development.


Alloy Wheel Repair Cnc Lathe Specification





WRC32 Syntec


WRC32H Syntec


Machine processing capacityMax. swing over bedMm700770870870
 X/Z axis Travelmm315/500390/750450/550450/750
 X/Z axis feedMm/min4000/80004000/80005000/100005000/10000
Wheel work rangeholding diameterinc22283232
 Wheel height rangemm80-35080-50080-50080-500
ChuckChuck sizemm250320320320
 Number of chuck jaws 3/4/63/4/63/4/63/4/6
Spindle speedLathe speedRpm/min100-1500100-1500100-1500100-1500
 Cut Wheel Work Speed 300-800300-800300-800300-800
Detection tools TP300 Probe
Guide rail form Hard railHard rail Linear guidewayLinear guideway
Lathe structure  HorizontalHorizontal verticalHorizontal
system 6Ta-E / YZCNC(Automatic programming,touch screen opetation 17 screen lcd display)
tool carrierNumber 4444
accuracyPositioning accuracyMm0.
 Repeatability Positioning accuracymm0.0050.0050.0050.005
 Tool carrier Repeatability Positioning accuracymm±0.07±0.07±0.07±0.07
Motor powerMain motorkw45.55.55.5
 X Z Feed TorgueN/M6/106/106/106/10
Cooling Water cooling/air cooling/high pressure spray cooling
Voltage Single 220v   3 phase 220v  3 phase 380V
Machine sizemm1950/1360/16002100/1500/18001700/1500/22502500/1850/1800
Machine weightT1.0t2.8t1.6t1.8t
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