QK1325 Thread Lathe

Pipe thread Lathe Standard Configuration :
3 jaws /4 jaws manual chuck
4/6/8/12 station electric turret
manual tailstock

Certification:  CE/SGS

Type: Horizontal Lathe or Vertical Lathe

Warranty:  18 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement (380V/400V/220V)

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Overseas door-to-door installation and commissioning can be provided

Brand Name:YZCNC

1. Big spindle bore and double chuck to ensure the process of big diameter pipe

2. One-piece bed adopts high-strength iron to ensure rigidity and precision

3. Ultrasonic frequency quenched guide-ways ensure good wear-resistance

4. Carriage and guideway contact surface use Turcite B to maintain accuracy.


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thread lathe partsA pipe thread lathe, also known as pipe threader, is a type of lathe used for threading pipes for various applications. Pipe threading lathes are designed to produce threads on the outer surface of pipes, which are commonly used in the plumbing, oil, and gas, and construction industries.  we will explore the characteristics and applications of pipe threading cnc lathe.




Characteristics of Pipe Thread Lathe.

Specialized Chuck: Pipe threading Cnc lathe have specialized chucks that are designed to hold pipes securely while threading. The chuck is designed to grip the pipe without damaging its outer surface, ensuring that the threads are produced accurately and with minimal damage to the pipe.

Multiple Spindle Speeds: Pipe threading lathe have multiple spindle speeds, allowing for a range of thread pitches to be produced on different sizes of pipes. The multiple spindle speeds also allow for the lathe to be adjusted to suit different materials and cutting conditions, ensuring that threads are produced accurately and consistently.

Automatic Feeding: Pipe thread lathe machine are equipped with automatic feeding mechanisms that allow for efficient and precise machining operations. The automatic feeding mechanism can be programmed to feed the cutting tool at the desired rate, ensuring consistent results and reducing the need for manual intervention.

High Production: Pipe thread lathe are designed for high-speed production and can quickly produce multiple threads on a pipe. The ability to produce multiple threads on a single machine reduces the need for multiple machines, which saves time and money in the manufacturing process.

Accuracy: Pipe threading lathes are highly accurate machines that can produce precise threads with tight tolerances. The machine’s automatic feeding mechanism ensures consistent results, and the specialized chuck ensures that the pipe is held securely and without damage during threading.

QK1325 Thread lathecnc pipe thread lathe chuck


QK1325 CNC Pipe Thread Lathe

CapacitySwing over bedmm800
Swing over cross slidemm480
Distance between centersmm1000/1500/3000
Processing thread dia.rangemm50-250
Guideway widthmm550/600
SpindleSpindle boremm255mm
Spindle speed type 2 Steps
Spindle speed rangerpm20-420
ChuckmmK72 630mm Four jaw chuck
TurretTool /Turret post type Vertical four-station
Tool shank sizemm32×32
FeedX Axis travelmm450
Z Axis travelmm850/1350/2850
X Axis rapid traverseMm/min4000
Z Axis rapid traverseMm/min4000
TailstockTailstock quill diametermm100
Tailstock quill diametermmMT6
Tailstock quill travelmm250
MotorSpindle Motor powerkw15
Coolant pump motor powerkw0.125/0.37
sizeWidth  Heightmm1930×1900
WeightNet weightT6/6.5/7.5

Applications of Pipe Thread Lathe


Plumbing Industry: Pipe threading lathe are widely used in the plumbing industry to produce threads on pipes for various applications. The threads produced on pipes are used to join pipes together, which is critical for the installation of plumbing systems.


Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas industry requires threaded pipes for various applications, including drilling, production, and transportation. Pipe threading lathes are used to produce threads on pipes used for oil and gas production, such as well casing, drill pipe, and production tubing.


Construction Industry: The construction industry uses threaded pipes for various applications, such as scaffolding and handrails. Pipe threading lathes are used to produce threads on pipes used for construction purposes, ensuring that the pipes can be joined securely and safely.


Manufacturing Industry: The manufacturing industry uses threaded pipes for various applications, such as for the production of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Pipe threading lathes are used to produce threads on pipes used in manufacturing, ensuring that the pipes are produced accurately and to the required specifications.

Pipe Thread Lathe Conclusion


Pipe thread lathe are specialized machines that are used in various industries to produce accurate threads on pipes. The specialized chuck, multiple spindle speeds, automatic feeding mechanism, high-speed production, and accuracy make pipe threading lathes ideal for mass-producing threads with tight tolerances. Industries such as plumbing, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing rely on pipe threading lathes to produce critical components for their products. As technology advances, pipe threading lathes will continue to play a vital role in these industries, providing efficient and precise machining capabilities.


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